Console & Mixer Modification & Repair

Vintage consoles require a considerable amount of special care to maintain their sonic quality. Often these consoles have operated for many years on their original components. As these components wear over a time there is a significant loss of sound quality and an eventual loss of functionality. A thorough and professional replacement of all these components can provide the original sound quality that made these old consoles so special. Aside from sounding great, a fully reconditioned console ensures dependability for the future.

The weakest points in a vintage recording console are the old Capacitors that have been running hot for any number of years. One of the most noticeable symptoms of worn or leaky caps is a thin sounding signal, lacking the punch and dynamic range that a healthy circuit portrays. Upgrading capacitors to Audio Note Silver Foil/Mylar, VH Audio CuTF, Duelund/Coherent Audio CAST-PIO Cu/ Jensen Copper Foil Paper-In-Oil/ and Audience Auricap types will completely change the character of the console. This coupled with the replacement/upgrade of OpAmps and channel, buss and summing modifications can make a $5000 board sound like a $100,000 board. Have rechipped original Mackie 8 Buss consoles that have been mistaken for SSL consoles in blind audio tests. 

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